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The Corporate Culture

Yunnan phy topharmaceutical Co.,Ltd:The core idea of corporate culture 

——  The company's mission statement:From nature,care for health

—— The corporate vision:Our mission is to provide quality and healthy products,To build yunnan plant brand,To let our employees go to new apportunities and make them happy, Keep the enterprise young and life forever

—— Our core values: Integrity, responsibility, innovation, efficiency

Yunnan phy topharmaceutical Co.,Ltd ,corporate culture applicatiion concept

——Management Ideas: honesty, cooperation and win-win!

——Management Ideas: Standardized and orderly, scientific and rigorous, communication and cooperation, pursuit of excellence

——Our team concept:We are committed to building the company into a disciplined force,innovative school,Loving family

The Code Of Employee Conduct

——Be honest and responsible;I love my job and devote myself to it.Abide by regulations and discipline, pay attention to conservation;

——Work together to achieve efficiency;Warm, courteous and happy at work;Diligent and eager to learn, surpass oneself.

----Chuxiong Yunzhi Phytopharmaceutical Co.,Ltd

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